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Just deployed a new WordPress theme for artist Marysia Lewandowska, designed by Luke Gould. She has an excellent, simple email signature: Share What You Know

Bubble’s site, built by Sam and I with Kirby. Colour, stencils, monoprints, oils, sketchbooks, layering 👍

Databases are generally associated less with open-endedness than with the muted horrors of bureaucracy, in which the fear and pain and misery of human experience is reduced to data and evidence.

Researching the definition/concept of a construct (in science, in philosophy, in art) and came across a listing for On new constructs in art by Ernest Edmonds in the publications section of the compArt | center of excellence digital art database. Need to take a closer look at this database, they’re currently drawing attention to the early phase of digital art (roughly 1950 to 1980).

Black and white photo of artist Joan Jonas with a mirror
Photo of multimedia artist Joan Jonas by Sebastian Kim for Interview Magazine (image source)

Guardian review of the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at Tate Modern 

Surprised/embarrassed to say I had never heard of Sonia Delaunay or her work before this Guardian review. Looks impressive. The EY exhibition: Sonia Delaunay is on at Tate Modern 15 April – 9 August 2015.

Holly Herndon 

Musician from Tennessee, see article in California Sunday; she works with Max on a lot of her projects.

Photo of Henry Moore's signature on a sculpture

Henry Moore’s signature, the mark of Bildgießerei Hermann Noack and a little sheep poo on one of Moore’s bronze sculptures in Yorkshire Sculpture Park.