Policies, Details & Guidelines

Unless otherwise stated, all non-code content by me (Piper Haywood) that I publicly share on this website or in my e-newsletters is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Code snippets by me that I publicly share on this website are subject to the GNU GPL v3 license.

If you are interested in sharing or reusing any of my work—online, in print, or anywhere else—check the terms before doing so by clicking the links above, and be sure to check the full text accompanying the content in question for overriding copyright details. I would also appreciate if you get in touch to let me know!

Note that not all content on this site is by me. If you are interested in using or sharing work by other people that I may have included on this site, you must follow up with the relevant copyright holder.

When I share others’ work on this site, I make an effort to ensure it is in fair use and is attributed equitably. If there is something of yours on this site that you don’t feel is appropriately shared, please let me know.

Attributions 🤔

I try to add attributions wherever appropriate. When an image isn’t mine, when someone else suggested a book, etc. I don’t like to assume that someone would want their full name on here, so I tend to use initials and/or first name only. I will link the attribution to a person’s personal website if they have one.

If I’ve attributed something to you on my site and you would rather have me refer to you in some other way (your full name, a nickname, “that lady with the purple hair”, and so on), just let me know. I’m happy to do so.

Privacy 🤐

Check out my privacy policy for information about personal data tracking including what is tracked, why it is tracked, how it is used, and how long it is retained.

TL;DR version: I track/store only what I have to in order to make the site run the way it needs to. Login functionality, security services, backups, that sort of thing. No analytics tracking as of 2 September 2020.

Marketing queries 😐

As a rule, I do not accept guest posts, requests for backlinks, or SEO-related queries. I don’t tend to respond to these requests. If you’re pushy about it (c’mon, don’t be like that), your email address will end up in my spam reporting filter.

Note that I’m very happy to receive information about resources and content that you genuinely think I might find interesting! Particularly if it is something you have directly worked on yourself. If it tickles my fancy and is relevant to the sorts of things I’m thinking about at the moment, then it might pop up here at some point in the future. But I beg you, don’t ask me to link to it in a past post.

Monetization 🤑

This is a personal site where I record my thoughts and memories, more of a hobby or self care I suppose, not how I earn my living. And it’s not something I want to put a ton of pressure on. Because of that, currently the only way that I monetize this site, if you could even call it monetization, is by placing a “buy me a cookie” link in the footer. I have had Coil set up in the past but have disabled this for now.

I’m not planning to monetize this site via affiliate links, advertising, memberships, sponsored content, or other methods, but that could change in the future if the cost of running this website becomes prohibitive. If I do ever introduce monetized content of some sort, it will be well-labelled for transparency.

Comments 🫠

I used to enable comments on this site since I am definitely interested in discussion, but I’ve now disabled them since it wasn’t worth the maintenance required to filter through spam. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss anything. Alternatively, if your site supports webmentions, you should be able to comment on any of my posts that way.

Accessibility 🤗

I make an effort to meet the requirements for WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance. This includes:

  • Providing alternative text for all images on the site
  • Ensuring that the site is navigable by keyboard, including “Skip to main content” and “Back to top” links to bypass blocks of content
  • Setting background and foreground colors for appropriate color contrast
  • Using semantic HTML, including HTML5 landmark elements such as <nav> and <main> to improve navigation for assistive technology
  • Designing click targets at an appropriate size

If you happen to notice accessibility improvements that I could make for better compliance, such as if I’ve accidentally missed alt text on an image, please let me know.

Credits 🥰

This site has been a WordPress site since March 2015. Previously it was on Tumblr, and in a former life it hid on a subdomain. Until April 2020 it used a color-heavy theme, and now it uses the WIP Commonplace theme.

This theme is evolving via ongoing conversations with designer friends, particularly Bec Worth and her thoughts on the usefulness of a Commonplace Book on the web. Technically, it borrows heavily from the previous theme I created for this site. Most text is set in the variable versions of Source Serif Pro and Source Sans Pro with appropriate fallbacks for Chinese and Japanese characters.

When writing more essay-like posts, I usually bounce my thoughts off of Gemma Copeland. Praise be for that woman’s brain.

Many thanks to Sam Baldwin, as always, for everything.

Contact 🤠

If you have any questions about any of the above, or anything else for that matter, please get in touch.