We had to leave a lot of our books in the UK when we moved to the US. Hopefully the full library will be reunited some day… At any rate, as part of the move, we catalogued everything meticulously so that we can keep an eye on where things are and know which box to reach in to if we need / want family to send us something.

You can check out a selection at the link below, the ones that I’ve read and have had an impact of some sort. There are also a good few titles on this list that I haven’t read but aim to get round to at some point. This doesn’t include e-books or the many beloved titles I’ve given to friends. Fields aren’t totally complete, will get there at some point.

For a fuller selection of things that I’m reading or would like to read including e-books and articles, see the ad hoc reading list. See also SB’s bookshelf for another peek in to the collection.