My name is Piper Haywood. I’m a design-adjacent software engineer with a lot of interests. Read about my work and what I’m up to right now.

This website is a notebook. The notes are mostly to do with where I was from, where I am now, and assorted things related to my work or day-to-day. I mention “Sam” and “B” pretty frequently; Sam is my husband, and B is our son.

See the details page for credits and policies such as privacy (into it, two thumbs way up) and marketing requests (not so keen…).

For updates, follow via RSS or subscribe to a weekly or monthly email summary. If you’re a member of the Fediverse, you should be able to find the account that syndicates this blog by searching for @blog@piperhaywood.com in your fedi app/client.

The site’s current purpose is to learn in the open and to keep certain details from fading too quickly, an archive of references and memories. It’s something I find necessary and if others find it useful, all the better.