RSS feeds

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary”, and it’s a standardised format that allows a reader to get updates about a website in the RSS app of their choice. It’s been around for a while but unfortunately isn’t used all that often any more. The Vice article “The Rise and Demise of RSS” outlines the history pretty well.

But it’s not dead! It’s still a useful tool for keeping up to date with the online content that is important to you. Unlike social media, it keeps the user in control of their content and the overall noise level.

The main RSS feed for this website is:

There are also RSS feeds for every topic, you just have to add /feed to the end of the permalink URL to get the topic-specific RSS feed URL. For example, the “Processes” category:

Permalink URL:

There aren’t as many RSS apps as there used to be, but there are still a few out there including Feedly. If you don’t have one already, search online to find one that suits you best.

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