On finding a suitable replacement for a Weinmann Type 730 sidepull bicycle brake

A small bike-related victory today. Converting my bike to a single speed went relatively smoothly, but as suspected, the front Weinmann Type 730 caliper brake is pure trouble with the new slimmer road wheel. Centring this brake is no small task. The whole mechanism spins freely around the bolt — seems ridiculous for a side pull — so the only way to centre it is to alter the spring tension. To do this, you need a specific female allen key to take apart the brake and adjust the spring against each arm, hopefully without harming the plastic bushing in the process. It’s all a bit much. I’m not bothered about it being an era-appropriate item, so I started looking for a replacement brake.

In the end I went with the Condor Strada XL deep drop (55-73mm) nutted front brake in silver for £17.99. It was purchased in-shop, can’t seem to find it on the Condor website at the moment. I’m pretty darn pleased with it, particularly since there aren’t that many traditional nut-style brakes to choose from. It’s a great brake at a great price, and it’s always a pleasure supporting that shop. Of course I forgot to grab a pack of cable end caps… It’s getting there.