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Brown leather strap repair on straw bag

Replaced the broken leather straps on my mom’s old straw bag with my new (new to me anyway!) favourite tool.

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Edit 2018.08.29 at 15:08
This bag has seen a lot of action this summer and the handles are holding up well. The straw (it’s more like thin rope…) is starting to fray at the top though. I’ve lashed it together with invisible fishing line for the time being. I’m expecting sections of it to give way eventually, at which point I’m considering doing some sort of makeshift crochet/embroidery thing to keep it patched up. That’s where that black line came from, it was a little band made of the same straw material that wrapped round the whole bag. It was totally eaten away in parts, so I unwound what was left and replaced it with black embroidery floss.

90s Campagnolo cycling cap before repairs 90s Campagnolo cycling cap before repairs and dismantled 90s Campagnolo cycling cap brim before repairs 90s campagnolo cycling cap brim after repairs 90s Campagnolo cycling cap after repairs

Fixed a 90s Campagnolo cycling cap recently for SB. The plastic in the brim had pretty much disintegrated, and most of the seams were giving way.

Initials embroidered in light blue

A quick-ish disguise for a 5p/dime-sized permanent pen stain on my shirt. Blends in a little bit more than before.