Mom’s dry-transfer lettering sheets

Sheet of white dry-transfer type in 36pt Futura Bold

How to use instant lettering

  1. Remove blue backing paper and position sheet on working surface. Shade lightly over the letter with a ballpoint pen.
  2. Gently peel away sheet – the letter is now transferred. Repeat until your lettering is complete.
  3. Re-burnish through backing paper over copy for firmer adhesion.

Finally sat down to take pics of Mom’s old dry-transfer lettering.

This is just a tiny fraction. Some of the sheets are so brittle! Pictured above:

  1. Caslon 540 Italic, 50pt
  2. Berling, 24pt
  3. Playbill, 48pt
  4. Windsor Elongated, 48pt
  5. Avant Garde Gothic Bold Condensed, 24pt
  6. Flamenco Inline, 72pt
  7. Microgramma Bold, 60pt
  8. Avant Garde Gothic Bold Medium, 24pt
  9. Optima, 48pt
  10. Albertus, 48pt
  11. Avant Garde Gothic Medium Condensed, 24pt
  12. Data 70, 24pt
  13. Engineering Standard, 24pt
  14. Futura Bold, 36pt