Rhizome on archiving VVORK

After VVORK: How (and why) we archived a contemporary art blog

Just came across this 9 February 2015 Rhizome editorial. I’ve browsed VVORK a bit before, but I suppose I hadn’t really thought about it’s status or longevity as an archive.

Sustainably archiving digital content is a difficult task that seems to be growing exponentially more important.

It’s easy — and in some cases preferable — to let digital ephemera vanish in to the ether. No one wants a regrettable Facebook photo or a melodramatically-penned LiveJournal entry to follow them the rest of their lives. See also “the internet shaming of Lindsey Stone”, an extract from Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.

That said, we stand to lose a lot of important information very quickly due to a simple, and likely preventable, lack of foresight.