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web thoughts from jon-kyle

repeat these instructions until the project is complete

finish the project, scrap all of it.
finish the project, scrap half of it.
finish the project, scrap a third of it.

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Musarc’s going to be at Palais de Tokyo in April. Info/tickets

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Shop Talk ep. 250, Web security with April King and Alex Sexton

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Beetroot Achaar recipe

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On archiving/preserving websites

SB and I have been chatting about the whys, whens and hows involved in archiving a website. Archiving is always an uphill battle. It’s hard to take care of things as they age no matter what the material, and ageing code comes with a specific set of worries.

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Looks like Let’s Encrypt will be offering free, trusted HTTPS certificates in November next this year, see Ars Technica article on the subject. Pretty cool.

Edit 22/10/15: I read the date completely wrong in that article! Hadn’t had my coffee yet.

Links to a few of the WordPress security resources I find useful. Limit Login Attempts hasn’t been updated in a while, but it still does the job stopping many annoying bots.