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Podcasts are the best. Will add to the list below as I come across new things, and when Sam/SJ/others recommend them.

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Came across two blogs full of well-explained Korean recipes recently, Korean Bapsang and Apricosa. List of recipes to try first below (need to do the easier ones before graduating to the more complicated stuff!).

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Gochujang – Cereal Magazine

Reminder: find gochujang at that fantastic Asian supermarket on Vicar Ln. And Thai tea.

Gochujang image from Cereal Magazine
From Cereal Magazine (image source)

Update 29/09/14 – Having trouble finding this… I think it may be referred to as fermented bean paste or something similar. Is written 고추장, maybe try to recognise the Hangul letters instead of going by handwritten price tag descriptions…

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel

Whisky from the Barrel is one of the greatest value for money whiskies in the world. An incredible dram from Nikka, so much power! We can’t recommend this enough.

Would like to try, definitely. Or it’s younger sibling, All Malt.

Nikka Whisky from the Barrel from Master of Malt
From Master of Malt (image source)