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Grandma’s holiday open house notes

After a rotten week health-wise, it was really nice to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday with a few friends. The image above is one of Grandma Piper’s very many post-party notes, a sort of debrief she wrote to herself about what she made and what she might change next time. This particular page seems to be her neighbourhood holiday open house plan from early December 1971 for around 110 guests (guest list is on reverse). I expect she found these notes super useful, particularly since she seemed to keep every single one of them. Here’s what I made this year, documented for a similar purpose.

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Reykjavík og Suðurland

Photo of view northeast of Þúfa in Reykjavík
Looking northeast from the top of Þúfa

We visited Iceland for the first time at the beginning of August, spending the better part of a Saturday in Reykjavík before departing the capital for a week in southern Iceland. I really enjoyed the trip and made a lot of new food discoveries.

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Multilingual food glossary

Headed to Iceland soon with friends, and looking forward to doing some cooking. Glossary linked above includes names for all sorts of foodstuff in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, and Russian.

Rosemary Pecan Pie recipe by Ruby Tandoh

Have to start gathering recipes for Thanksgiving again. Made this last year and it was excellent.

Edit 6/12/15: This past Thanksgiving, my cousin made this with the gluten free press-in pie crust, worked really well.

Vietnamese Phở

Make twice the quantity of broth next time.

Honey Oat Bread recipe

Modifications / Measurements

  • 1/4 c (USA) = 45g butter, no need to melt
  • Mixed dry active yeast directly in to dry ingredients, works fine
  • Decrease oats to 160g
  • Increase bread flour to 275g, more if using whole wheat/brown


Makes a pretty wet dough. Knead very thoroughly. Thoroughly preheat oven to prevent dense bottom of loaf. Try preheating oven w/ tray, then placing loaf tin on that to bake.

Got a crash-course in sushi making from a lovely guy over New Year’s. I’d always wanted to make it, but it’s one of those things that’s a lot easier to get the hang of when someone shows you what to do. I’d also always been nervous about the raw fish bit (love eating it, but not so sure where to find sushi-grade fish at home…). Never really thought to just make vegetarian rolls (d’oh!).

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Herb-Roasted Turkey with Shallot Pan Gravy Recipe, on

“Fresh” cranberry relish from dried cranberries

Makes about 2 cups of relish, enough for at least 6 people


  • Grated zest and juice of 2 oranges
  • 350g dried cranberries
  • 100mL water
  • 1 tart apple, peeled and cut in to chunks
  • Sugar (to taste)

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Fig & peanut butter thumbprint cookies


I’ve made these simple, flourless peanut butter cookies for years but have never thought of putting something in the center. Need to try it with apple butter next time.


  • 260 grams (1 US cup) peanut butter
  • 180 grams (scant 1 US cup) sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 figs (or possibly some sort of preserves)

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