Cut-to-measure plywood shelves in London

Moved in to a new studio two weeks ago. We needed some shelves and looked in to all sorts of different options before deciding on Spur uprights + brackets (thx @simonkinneir) and plywood shelves.

It took us a little time to find the right supplier for the ply. We were looking for decent quality B/BB grade Birch ply, and we needed to find a local place that did cut-to-measure and delivery without a minimum order cost. We also wanted to go with a supplier that we could trust to do a good job with the cuts, ideally with minimal tearout.

We ended up going with Whitten Timber in Peckham. They were super quick getting us a quote over the phone, delivery was next day, and the cost was very reasonable. We’re also really happy with the quality. We ended up going with BB/BB to save a little cash, but the faces still look great and the cuts themselves are very consistent. Worth keeping them in mind.