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Very pleased to now be a part of Host. Feels like a really good fit.

Postcards, rocks and an airplant arranged on a picture rail

Moved in to a new studio two weeks ago. We needed some shelves and looked in to all sorts of different options before deciding on Spur uprights + brackets (thx @simonkinneir) and plywood shelves.

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Flood and chaos at work! #makerversity #somersethousestudios #somersethouse

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The heater in the studio failed pretty spectacularly on Friday, damage TBD. Kind of scary that it was so hard to get out…

Off the back of some recent thoughts regarding the archiving of websites, SB sent me a link to “Digital Preservation in the Artist’s Studio” by Ben Fino-Radin. The article provides an extremely thorough overview of what steps might be involved in digitally archiving studio output, along with a few real-world examples. Love this stuff.