a dreamy, foggy place

“The way I remember growing up in Venezuela, for instance, it has nothing to do with the reality that is the country right now. I think I’m from a place, but that place doesn’t exist anymore. When you have to integrate into a new place, you are forced to mix so much information that it becomes unclear who you are. You create a new scenario for yourself. I like to think that it’s some sort of utopia, and to see how I can transmit this sort of dreamy, foggy place.”

Sol Calero in a Tate artist interview describing some of the motivation behind her work (source). I’ve felt something similar at times, though certainly not as intense. It’s a “glass half full” description of the feeling, and her work shares that vibe.

Her commission El Autobús 2019 is at the Tate Liverpool until 10 November 2019.

Side note: I think she’s got an old school Indexhibit site. <3

Moving from London to San Francisco – Nicolas Gallagher

Moving from London to San Francisco – Nicolas Gallagher

Though I was born in and have lived the majority of my life in the US, I’m not familiar with being an adult in the states. Not exactly sure how I’d go about opening an American bank account, and definitely not sure how to get a new mobile plan (thank goodness for giffgaff and untethered iPhones). Just a strange thing to realise, really.