Visited “Nostalgia & Progress: Illustration after the Second World War”

Had the pleasure of checking out Nostalgia & Progress: Illustration after the Second World War last weekend at Leeds Uni. There was quite a range of work on display, and together it made for a very enjoyable experience.

Somewhat embarrassingly, I’m not very knowledgeable about influential illustrators. That said, I could tell there were a few big names in the exhibition. I erred on the side of caution and didn’t take any photos, regretting that now. Two pieces by Charles Keeping, There had never been such a battle and an illustration from The Highwayman, were particularly arresting, and I can’t find them anywhere online. At any rate, the image here is an example of his work.

There were some more contemporary illustrators as well, two of which I’m lucky to know. William Goldsmith and Louise Lockhart had some lovely work on display.

The exhibition is on at The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery in Leeds University Library until 28 February 2015, so perhaps I’ll head back to try and grab a few photos (after asking, of course of course!).