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Takeaways from a particularly good evening in the pub last night:

And a salad recipe from a great cab driver:

In a large bowl, combine some diced cucumber, diced celery, and halved cherry tomatoes. Add finely chopped wet garlic or green onions (scallions). Toss with olive oil and lemon juice and season to taste. Optional additions include olives, mint, boiled Jersey potatoes, rocket (arugula), or feta. Use apple cider vinegar if you don’t have lemon juice.

There’s a sweet little spot in my heart for bells. I’m in Berlin this weekend manning a table for OP at Miss Read, and on my way over through the Tiergarten yesterday morning I heard incredible music coming from the tower next to HKW. Turns out Berlin carillonneur Jeffrey Bossin gives free concerts throughout late spring / early summer, and one of them is today at 3pm. He must have been rehearsing yesterday.

Carillonneur in Berlin Tiergarten

The e-newsletters we made for Penguin Classics got a mention in a recent newsletter from The Better Email [✉ ∞]. Made me smile. Here are a few newsletters from the Penguin Random House team that I particularly like.

Precision and Soul: Essays and Addresses

By Austrian writer Robert Musil (1880–1942). He wrote this collection of essays in Vienna and Berlin between World War I and World War II.

Up Projects’ upcoming summer programme sounds fantastic. Apparently it draws much inspiration from “Alternative London” by Nicholas Saunders.

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Edit 2 June 2016 – Purchased a second hand copy of the third edition published 19 June 1972. The photo below doesn’t do the neon cover justice.

Photo of the third edition of “Alternative London” by Nicholas Saunders, a paperback with a pink and yellow cover

Recent edu-tainment suggestions from friends:

Library offers blind dates with books. – Imgur

I’d like to figure out what these books are, actually. Someone said “Fevre Dream” by George RR Martin for the riverboat one, need to look that up…

Rjfarrell28’s Blog | A Reading Blog

Another ‘to read’ list. “Primarily an educational log of reading and writing for graduate school.” Quite like the author’s approach to these sorts of lists.