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Detail from graphite drawing of house in Oxfordshire

Detail from a graphite drawing completed late last year

I’m looking forward to the long weekend, going to spend a bit of time at the Channa Horwitz exhibition at Raven Row. It’s on until Sunday 1 May 2016.

Image of drawing by Channa Horwitz
Channa Horwitz, Logic for Variation and Inversion on a Rhythm, 1976. Image via VVORK, who in turn seem to have found it via Berlin gallery Aanant & Zoo.
Line drawing of the Cosmos flowers by Alta Quick
Line drawing by my great-grandmother Alta Quick, probably used for embroidery

Part way through a commissioned drawing of a Yorkshire farmhouse. Finished it back in May, was a lot of fun to do a detailed piece of drawing again.

iPad drawing of Sam

iPad drawing of Sam on a freezing cold train back from Liverpool Biennial in 2012.