weekend todos

  • Get John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood EDIT 17.07.19 – I finally read this! It’s nuts
  • Find a copy of An Anthology of English Medieval and Renaissance Vocal Music ed. Noah Greenberg
  • Write down last week’s Dockside Chicken recipe for further refining
  • dat dat dat dat dat & pie w/ GC and HB
  • Try making Semmelknödel ◯ Start with this recipe but consider steaming, refrigerating beforehand, adding nutmeg. Aim for Knödelwirtshaft perfection. Think we had dandylion, goats cheese + red pepper, cheese, and bacon? Thx FB!

And go all in w/ iced tea. Hot tip for cold tea: cold-brew tea + squirt of lemon juice + splash of peach and elderflower squash = top-notch summer beverage. I am a little over caffeinated right now.

Edit 8.10.18 at 20:00
Finally made semmelknödel, super nice. We made one more traditional batch (bacon, onion, nutmeg, parsley) and one more “need to use up some veg” batch (pureed greens, leftover pesto, corn, onion). Both were really tasty, though I’d probably add cheese to the veg one next time. Had them with lightly dressed salad and roasted beets. Need to make a little more sauce next time, the dumplings soak up a lot almost immediately. Steaming them was a great way to go, super simple, but probably makes a greater quantity of sauce necessary. It was helpful to let the dumpling mixture rest briefly before shaping, and also to rest in the fridge about a half hour before cooking. Seemed to firm up a tiny bit during the resting times. We’ve got half of the total lot in the fridge tomorrow, I think they’ll behave well after a day’s rest.