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Drawing of a Joanne Burke ring

Joanne Burke makes beautiful jewels in bronze. Her rings are particularly lovely.

On Dead Writer Besties, by Alexandra Molotkow from The Hairpin

It’s like realizing that there’s a garden when you’d only been shown one rose.

See also: Hazlitt Magazine, “a home for writers and artists to tell the best stories about the things that matter most to them” (Molotkow is a senior editor); The Female Quixote by Charlotte Lennox (free on Google Books and Girlebooks); Those Who Write for Immortality by Heather Jackson (available via Yale University Press).

Photo of Joan Didion by Nancy Ellison
Photo of writer Joan Didion by Nancy Ellison (image source)

Edit 23/5/15 – Finished “Where I Was From”, read thoughts.

Black and white photo of artist Joan Jonas with a mirror
Photo of multimedia artist Joan Jonas by Sebastian Kim for Interview Magazine (image source)