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Just deployed a new WordPress theme for artist Marysia Lewandowska, designed by Luke Gould. She has an excellent, simple email signature: Share What You Know

Links to a few of the WordPress security resources I find useful. Limit Login Attempts hasn’t been updated in a while, but it still does the job stopping many annoying bots.

I’ve moved my blog from Tumblr to WordPress, wanted to have more control over how my images display, how I group/categorise things, etc.

Wrote a function returning an image element with srcset and sizes attributes. See this Gist for the function and this Gist for an example of the function in use (would need to be within the WP loop). 

Wanted to give a front-end dev like Sam the ability to define the important bits, including the default image size for the src attribute, the media queries for the sizes attribute, and classes for the img element if necessary.