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Swimming at Abbey River Beach in Devon

Friday 28 September 2018
Swam in the sea at Abbey River Beach with Ben, Daisy, Joe, Sam. It was ~60F/16C outside, ~62F/17C in the water. Very sunny, warm when the breeze died away. GIF grabbed from video by BL.

To be “always in discovery mode”, to “carry with us no rigid ideas about what is interesting”, to consider the “worthwhile dilemmas”. How to cultivate the time and space for a discovery state of mind? The tools must be personal, and natural.

TIL certain sunscreens are likely harmful to coral reefs. Wish I’d known this a month ago… Go for a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical one. Physical sunscreens can be less cosmetically preferable, need to be reapplied often, and can leave a white-ish cast, but they are usually gentler on skin and – here’s the kicker – are much less likely to kill oceanic critters.

A more visual inventory of the fish we saw in Belize. Visit Vimeo to see a timestamped list of fish. The music is “Surfboard” by the excellent Roberto Menescal. Filmed by Brett and me, edited inexpertly by me.

A graphite, coloured pencil, and highlighter drawing of a Blue Chromis

This is a semi-accurate inventory the wildlife we saw in Belize last month. The ocean-bound creatures and most birds were in the cayes off the coast from Dangriga, the Belize Barrier Reef, and Glover’s Reef. The others were mostly from the Caves Branch River southeast of Belmopan in the Cayo District.

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Reykjavík og Suðurland

Photo of view northeast of Þúfa in Reykjavík
Looking northeast from the top of Þúfa

We visited Iceland for the first time at the beginning of August, spending the better part of a Saturday in Reykjavík before departing the capital for a week in southern Iceland. I really enjoyed the trip and made a lot of new food discoveries.

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The carousel in the House on the Rock, from Slate (image source)

House on the rock in Wisconsin is a very strange collection of collections.

Need to go. It looks almost identical to a house that was in a recurring dream I had as a kid. It was the house I wanted to live in, with a room full of pianos of all shapes and sizes lining the walls, ceiling and floor, another room that was just an interconnected series of waterfalls and water-slides that defied gravity. I think this is it’s nearest IRL replica.

It’s also supposedly featured in one of Neil Gaiman’s books? Another big reason it’s at the top of my travel to do list.

Short-ish list of San Francisco recommendations

Photo of the coast near SF from near the Nike Missile Site SF-88 in the Marin Headlands
View of the coast near SF from near the Nike Missile Site SF-88 in the Marin Headlands, looking south towards Point Bonita Lighthouse

I say short-ish since this is short relative to the number of fantastic places to visit / eat / imbibe / shop in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Compiled primarily for my lovely cousin in anticipation of her trip out west, also so that I don’t forget some places that I really like. I’ll keep adding to the list as places occur to me.

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City Museum in St. Louis, MI