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A more visual inventory of the fish we saw in Belize. Visit Vimeo to see a timestamped list of fish. The music is “Surfboard” by the excellent Roberto Menescal. Filmed by Brett and me, edited inexpertly by me.

A graphite, coloured pencil, and highlighter drawing of a Blue Chromis

This is a semi-accurate inventory the wildlife we saw in Belize last month. The ocean-bound creatures and most birds were in the cayes off the coast from Dangriga, the Belize Barrier Reef, and Glover’s Reef. The others were mostly from the Caves Branch River southeast of Belmopan in the Cayo District.

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Tafelmusik w/ Francesco Fusaro, NTS, London 12.02.18

Francesco Fusaro, the man behind MFZ Records and classical music recording series 19’40”, brings a considered and varied selection of baroque, classical and contemporary music for a full two hours each month.

via Toby O.

Drawing of a Joanne Burke ring

Joanne Burke makes beautiful jewels in bronze. Her rings are particularly lovely.

The e-newsletters we made for Penguin Classics got a mention in a recent newsletter from The Better Email [✉ ∞]. Made me smile. Here are a few newsletters from the Penguin Random House team that I particularly like.

Shopify theme dev notes, early 2018

We’re picking up a Shopify site that was put on hold for a little bit, and I’m pleasantly surprised by a few things I’ve come across. The pause might have been blessing in disguise for the site on the whole. The dev tools have progressed a bit during the hiatus, and I’ve come across a Sections workaround that might 🤞 give a little more content flexibility beyond the homepage.

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Brown leather strap repair on straw bag

Replaced the broken leather straps on my mom’s old straw bag with my new (new to me anyway!) favourite tool.

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl