WordPress security resources

Links to a few of the security resources I find useful, some WordPress-specific and some more general.

A note about that “step-by-step” guide: it’s pretty decent, but IMO Wordfence is a better security plugin to go with. Sucuri is maybe more user-friendly, but Wordfence comes with more out-of-the-box (incl. two factor authentication and login limiting) and the settings seem more granular. Doesn’t hurt to try both though to see what’s the best fit.

Last edited 22 June 2019


Website updated

Finally updated my website to include information and links for a few recent projects. Sam and I worked together to redesign the site. In return, I helped him move his domain to

I’m quite excited about the colour of the text and favicon. The hue, saturation, and lightness are calculated according to the season, temperature, and time of day where I am.

There’s definitely a couple of issues to sort out, will get to those soon.


Atelier Ji, art prints and publishing

Atelier Ji

Very impressed by Atelier Ji’s quality, saw a few prints they have made on behalf of their clients at the Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair. Their flyer was printed on lovely paper, the (super kind) guy at the stall said it was Somerset. Somerset satin 300gsm? Lots of prints on their site seem to be on that stock.

Particularly liked Out of Sight by James Seow.